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Remember Pokemon?   maybe you do...  Remember FortNite?  oh yeah.  that is the new one that is all the rage right?  

I remember years ago thinking how great it would be to create a video game - 

and then running into the stone wall of limitations :::  the engines wont really let you upload a high rez character into their engine.... the high rez character company has no interest in making their own engine.... and so the beat goes on.....    oh and good luck getting a big video company to even answer your emails !    to hell with all of them....      

that is why i do not play video games.... and without better CEOs  I sure as hell am not going to waste my time creating one..    

not bitter... just do not care.  and if you happen to read this and you are determined to create your own video game that doesn't suck  - well Good Luck,,, and God Bless, 


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