OMNI OMEGA from radbooks's story

                                                 OMNI OMEGA   –

                                                   CHAPTER 0

Beach Head

The rip tide waters swirl and gurgle up from the depths of the sea
A body flushes up to the surface of the ocean and the waves row by row push the body onto the beach head of the small deserted island.

It is a man – the man coughs up the sea water and rips the entangled sea weed vines that have wrapped up and twisted around his whole body…. He crawls up the sand bank inch by inch 50 meters away from the rolling beach waves..  Exhausted he closes his eyes and tries to think what has happened to him.  
This goes on for many minutes.   The waves brush against the sand in and out –  there is a slight breeze.  And then out in the ocean   the sea begins  gurgle and swirl around in  a circle again like an Alca Seltzer
And then it just goes flat  and back to glass.  

Swirling down and down and down  as the bubbles move up
At the bottom of the sea floor in  a cavern ; is a temple
The doors of the temple open up
At the center of the temple is a giant seashell   the seashell opens up to reveal a giant pearl.

The doors of the temple close    the water is sucked out of the temple

The pearl starts to float up out of the sea shell    a rainbow of spiraling light begins to thrust up and out from the object.

Outside the temple

The giant Merman  arrives with the trident in his hand.

He waits as the mermaid comes out of the temple alone.

The mermaids speak with their foreheads  telepathing their words through the water.
                         What have you done?

                         It is time   to end all things.  

                       You force me to die?
                       You steal my treasures?

The merman forks the trident through the mermaids abdomen

The water swirls with blood.
The blood swirls up like a strand of DNA On the surface of the ocean:

closer to the shore violently the water rips up into the air  –  A giant man  thrashes up – crushing the flow of the sea’s energy –  breaking the wave in half –  then the waves swallow him up again.

In the shallows of the beach waves as the slide up the sand.

It is the Assirian   Still Alive.   He wades out of the water and begins to tread over the sand on to the land of the beach head/  

Out in the distance A pirate ship sits to the left horizon.   
There on the pirate ship  The mad pirate woman Savahannah   elongates a telescope  pointing it towards the beach of the deserted island.  
She sees the boy Mac Talley
She scoots the telescope to the left and her pupil jumps upon taking in the site of the Assyrian.  Her pupils widen.

The Assyrian rushes up on Mac Talley who is lying there in a fetal position  on the sand.


Talley looks up startled and afraid  suddenly remembering who he is
The Assyrian kicks Talley down as the Talley tries to get up and run away

No I killed nothing and no one   it was AHH nother ship  You did it !   You did it all – you did it -
All of it –  all of it is your faul .

Nooooo.    I steal you   I destroy you  III kill Youuuuuuuu!

The Assyrian draws his sword high in the air.

There on the side of the beach    The right of the pirate.  North side of the beach head
Savahannah climbs up swift and steadily onto a rock as she holds her riffle   
With eyes like iron
She positions her riffle
She steadies herself
Pose – Aim – She Fires.
Abruptly the side of the Assyrian’s Chest is blown out– The Assyrian turns to look to see who  the Assyrian turns his body as to see who shot him but falls the other way quick drop down: his left hand drops lip and the sword flies to the ground.
As his hat flies off he falls face first and mumbles.   

                                    Stones… of fire!….


                                    Now how do you feel.

                                   To have YOUR LIFE STOLEN AWAy

The giant falls right on top of Mac Talley as the Assyrian drops his sword…. And falls forward.

Mac Talley passes out with the giant on top of him.

In the dark of his eye lids the blood and the sun --  A shadow of a woman carrying a riffle walking towards him.

Talley regains consciousness and scrambles – thrashing his legs in the sand –  pushing backwards

                               Who are you?

Savahannah stands the riffle erect at her side     she kneels down to eye level with Mac Talley   Her deep blue green eyes glisten in the sun.

This man…  This man is the man who murdered my father…
When we were little kids.

Savahannah whips up her boot to  Assyrians body and thrusts his body over the other way so Tallen can breath.   Savannah whips out a strange looking knife  and plunges it deep into the heart of the Assyrian.

Savahannah plops down on her knees and catches her breath.  Breathing heavy.

and after he burned down our home and our entire village and walked off into the blackest night of my life    that night he changed my fate forever –  just like he changed your destiny
And so I’ve spent my whole life tracking him down  –  hunting him –  killing him….
Just like I did today.  

Savahannah extends her arm out to help Mack Talley up.

Savahannah rips out a primortial scream bringing lifting her sword up in the air -   She cuts off the head of the Assyrian. 

She grabs his dismembered head by the hair and dumps it in a tow sack.

She then moves quickly back toward the ocean.

He catches up and is walking at pace beside her.
She whips her canteen off her person and opens the cap – then hands it to Mac Talley.
She keeps walking back to the ship.  
Mac pauses a moment: puzzled – and then catches up behind her.
He walks next to her.


                      I am Savahannah –  and that there is the Mermaid.


                                        The Mermaid?

Mac squints and looks out to the side of the rocks to see the pirate ship.

                    Well I didn’t name her… she is the ship– I uhh borrowed.

                         Vannah . ah Sah Ha Van Ah.
                         I am Mac Talley.

                        Well Mac Tallen you will be sorry
                        If you don’t get off this island
                       Through visions and dreams   
                       The angel taught me of silver  
                       and special bullets made from sacred stones.


                    The stones of fire ….  Space rocks…
                    hidden in the rings of Saturn.
                    But that giant is immortal –  
                    he will come back to life  – maybe not today  
                    But someday    he will come back to life.
                    And he will kill us both
                    He will kill us all …..
                    Do you understand Mac Tallen?

                                      Mac Talley:

                     I am really tired Savahannah.

                     I mean ah  I just drown           

                     in                the               ocean

                     How do I even know this is real.  and how the hell is that  

                     man going to kill any of us  - 

                     You shot stabbed and beheaded him for Christ Sakes.


                      Shhhuh  that was no man -  that is a monster..  

                      THEE     MONSTER>

                      Dont you get it?

                      but you know You are probably right..  maybe you       swollowed to much sea water.

Either way -  I am getting out of here.

Later as a gentle breeze pushes the ship sails steady towards the north east Down below Talley is passed out….  Thrown quickly again into worlds of vision – of nightmares – end of chapter


A voice is heard.
And even more complex –  a heaven  – and a God –  that promised to save him once upon a time.

A woman is laying with her arms and legs spread out on a giant sun dial in a cave  the noon day sun pierces through the cracks in the cave wall.   She has all these artifacts spread out on the sun dial.
Haha That’s my stupid sister.
I could feel it…. She had finally done it.  What she spent her whole life’s time, work and energy
To do… kill a man… . True … he did kill our father.   But then again … he killed all of us really.

She left us behind one day when I was only seven to do this very thing.
Now all these years later,  I knew it would open up the gates of hell.
And now I have all the pieces of this particular puzzle.

Haley has a flash back to the old woman who raised her.
She is sitting in a chair   and the woman is applying makeup to the little girls face.

                                      OLD WOMAN:
No Haley Child…. Always put on your makeup when you want to impress the men.
It is the only way to make it in this world.  And get what you want.

Haley now celebrating her 30th birthday in a cave on her way to the chambers of the underworld pops out a little mirror.  And applies her makeup….  Halefax (Haley) looks into the little mirror and checks both of her cheeks  and talks to the mirror,


                                                 good girl.

Haley unlocks a giant earth door – and there is a staircase into pitch black.


                                  If only slaying the dragon

                                  was as easy as in those ole fairy tale books.

She climbs down the thin stone steps that descend downward 6 stories.
Finally to find the opening to the dragon’s lair.
HaleFax rushes in throwing her dragon torch at the deadly ancient creature. The Dragon deflects the fire stick into an opening in the floor.  
HaleFax runs and jumps on an old wood spindal that is turned up on its side.
The Dragon flies up and unleashes a massive volume of fire.
Up on the deck of the ship.    Savannah looks out to sea …  there is a pod of whales going along with the ship.

 Tallen Asleep. is  awoken  –  he scurries up to the stairs with a blanket wrapped around him to the
bow of the ship to see Savannah –


                         Looks like I wasn’t the only one

                         stalking you Mac Talley….

Savahannah looks out over the ocean waves.
Tallen looks out over the ship   – the sperm whale’s spout shoots the water up spewing the mist into the sea air.   The baby whale next to it does the same.


I hope I will still have faith on that day….


What day is that?


I lost my faith for a long time…    and then God stepped in…  I feel restoration.
My Daddy always preached about restoration.
You know he preached salvation through Jesus Christ.

That is what it is.  
Do you believe Jesus died for your sins?

I turned my thoughts away from God when I was a kid – and he allowed a very evil man to take everything from us.

Well I mean – not everything –  you still have your life.

And you became a warrior instead of a dress maker.





Its okay... I  got so used to everyone trying to kill me… I know I gave up on God.

But at the end of each day… I realize we are all going to die.

What if that day is the day after tomorrow?…
I may not know the bible like a preacher’s son but I know the price one must pay
for taking their own revenge without God. And so when the time comes …
I will be ready… I will know what to say.
I deprived your God of the satisfaction –  but I did it for my daddy.

I think God…  will be ….God is… more understanding than you think.
He will judge you by your heart.
And I can see your heart.  You have a jewel heart.  
A real gem –  He will polish it fine for you.

Savahannah unlooses Mac from her death grip and grabs Tallen hugs him tight.  

TALLEN:  Soo uhh.. Where are you taking me.

Taking us … taking you….
Our victory sail into the sunset…
You know Mac… ordinary men do not bubble up from the bottom of the sea
and live to tell about it.

Yeah well uhh.. Ordinary women cannot shoot a man from 50 yards away.
I could sail with you ..you know… as long as however long you think under his breath.  forever is.

Sailing forever with me?  La la la taha tah tah tah
Oh pirate boy I am as mean as a snake and quicker than a dead giant  
You will grow tired of me soon enough….

Savannah brushes a feather over Talley’s nose.

Well Mean as a snake  – giant = pirate hunter….

I hope to surprise you.

Just then behind Mac a voice !



The Giant wave rushes toward the tiny pirate ship like a toy boat in a bath tub with a mean kid.
The ship flies to the  crest of the wave
The ship floats of the top of the colossal curling wave and sails hovering above the clouds.
Now the scene changes to a straight plain  -  A Snow Blizzard on frozen tundra.  Suddenly Tallen and Savahannah are stumbling into the force of the snow wind.   in a giant blizzard snow storm.
                              See I tried to tell you.  We are in hell.

Tallen drops to his kness.

Sahavannah does the same.

;  I cant go on… its to cold

Savahannah puts her arm around Tallen :
She grimmaces in the hopelessness of it all.
Come on Mac… tell me one of those scriptures.
The comforting kind you say when all hope is lost and you are dying.

Ahhh eehhh uhhh ….. Nothing can separate… Nothing can separate us from the love of God.
Even though I make my bed in hell…  The Lord is with me.

Just then four red glowing eyes approach out of the swirling white darkness and blistering snow pelting down.

The Tiger Man and the Saber Man approach.

Growls and snarls.  


The two cats continue you to march forward   They flex and extend their claws  

Steps away from their human dinner.  
Their faces smash against an invisable barrier  
The orb shield glows blue and emmits electric pulse for a moment.

TIGERMAN:  ahhhhh.

Then a massive ball of lightning hits the snow behind them.

There in the blue lightning is Delta  The Unicorn

Delta turns his head  his majestic mane whipping in the snow wind.

Delta looks at the two cat people

The cats bow to the Unicorn.

The cat men are whipped forward into the unicorns energy radius.

The Unicorn transforms into Sophia ~!

ShE walks up to the shield bubble:

SOPHIA telepathically speaks to MacT and Savana

        Its not over.   You have to go back.

        I….  I cant go back.   I cant.

The electro magnetic dome turns white  


Suddenly now a man is sitting in a movie theater  there is not a person in the seat right or left of him.  The screen gets splots all over it as the film desolves.   The sound suddenly makes an errie noise as the film breaks up in the projector room.

So i had not been to a movie theatre. in years.  and would not you even know it.  the screen melted.  it was a quite a spectacle to the speckled crowd.  maybe 15 people tops.   but their emotions turned quick at the disappointment of a bogus reel. boos and spats of disapproval.  one obese lady even threw her 10 dollar pop corn bucket back toward the projector room.  she missed by about 20 feet-  but the sentiment toward HollywoodS  decline was mutually shared by all this night.  i cant believe they even still have film on a reel in projector.  what is this a time machine?   


I am floating on the ceiling  and I am looking down at my body lying asleep on the bed.  Its to much for me to handle because I think that is my body and I am dead.   I am not a big fan of death.  So I decided to imagine I am a writer of great novels and...but...  I recall how I came home from watching a movie and then in the apartment. later.   I flipped on the news on television.  earthquakes  floods.  fires.  WAR, mass killings. shootings.   animals going extinct.  sea life dying.

I clicked off the television and went to my old laptop - 

flip over to the internet.  gross porn.  and more information than can be absorbed in a thousand life times.   cruel lovers of self.  they got us all separated.  isolated.  dumped poison in the water.  in the air  in the food chain.   its war out there.   self fulfilling prophecy. revelation is a lying spirit - an evil book at the end of the bible.   you could argue God allowed it.  fiction to become reality.   but now everyone we have ever known is either sick , dead or dying.   at the icy frozen edge of midnight.  'look up for your redemption draws. nigh.'  said Jesus.... and now is here    i once.  heard a voice. it said get ready.  and yet all I did was get was pretend to live and I got worse.  i wasted away and then all was left but to wait to my last breath for the miracle to save us.  Knowing nothing is impossible with God. we cower down in weakness. the devil did a better job at destroying the image world that even it  could have ever hoped for. even in death. all he needed was  to  plant the  seed.   and  evil grew  in  us.    the  machine.  but his short lived  resurrection.  never  was.    nor  could it  ever.  be.  for  we were just  a  projected earth dream on a  fire  bound asteroid.   Tera Viper, uh.   I died.  I am dead.  I am writing.  I am floating on the ceiling.  That movie messed with my head.  Now I am having some weird dream... no wait...  This is a NightMare.



Ray  reaches into the violent gulf  of fire.    unimaginable furious velocity.the flames surge up    ray.  cries  out.     please.  God.   i  know you can  help  me  get to the  other side of these flames.  Rayreaches out.  both  arms.  up  to  his  shoulders in the flame volcano.    His  body whips.  and. rips.    he  flies.  through  air  and.  lands.  in a  valley. dessert.   on his knees. e.  looks up  there.   a burning sun.  scorches. the hot. sands.      he stumbles off his knees.  and.  begins to move forward.    just then  a whirling sand storm  hurls up from the west.     the  electro magnetic twister.  is fierce.  still. Ray is determined. to push one more pace.   one more foot forward.   to  his  left. on  his side.  he comes upon a funny looking  old  fat man - The old man looks like he is from a miner from the old west gold rush days.... whos long white hair  sticks out . on the sides and back of his head. but on top and in front he is  totally bald and the sun has scorched his head.   he looks up as he hunches over like an  animal. but the  hot  sand keeps  burning his  hands. he reaches up to Ray. 

Old Man: Auugh im so thirsty  i could drink donkey piss.

Ray glares. and slowly turns his head down to his right hand.   Ray is holding a dusty old shaving cream cup from the 19th century.   


                                     Aall  i  have......

                                     is this empty cup.  

Ray.  holds the cup upside down.  sand pours out.  then a black widow crawls out of the cup.   

Ray violently smashes the cup on  the old mans sun burned bald head.

The blood gushes out.   The old man cries out. hits the sand face first and dies.     Ray keeps  on  walking.  looking out over the vista.  he sees a young girl. walking next to a donkey.  Ray walks faster.  to see the.  girl wearing a pitate outfit.    she. points.  and. sternly orders the donkey.    the.  donkey. bellows. in defiance.     the girl grabs a fallen twig from a thorn bush.   ho.  go.   no.   not that way.    she turns back.   to see. ray.     

Ray:  where are you going? 

The girl stretches tall errecting her back as her long blonde hair whips off her face to her side.. The Pirate Girl points out the stick.  to the north. 

                                      THE PIRATE GIRL:

Rejoice Greatly. daughter  of Zion!  shout , shout daughter  of YaruSalem! Behold your king is coming to you, a righteous one bringing salvation.   He is lowly, riding on a donkey- on a colt,  the foal of a donkey.  


                               Yaroosland.    where is it?  

                                        THE PIRATE GIRL:

                                it is earths dream.   


                                Earth?  oh.   what is that?

The Pirate Girl gives ray a dirty look.



                                wait i think i know you.   do you remember me? 

The Pirate Girl gathers  really close. and slouches like a monkey wobbling around as she looks Ray right in the face and frowns again.  

                                     THE PIRATE GIRL: 

                                 hmmm eel no mister. 

                                 i think id remember an ugly mug like that.   



The PirateGirl and the donkey  fade as a mirage.

Ray falls down to the sand and coughs and dry heaves. 

He curls up in the fetal position.

The Sun is blazing on the horizon.



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