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have you ever stumbled upon - some obscure video on youtube -  or most better yet-   some weird website -  that makes no sense at all - is completely fucked as far as its layout and structure -  but yet somehow - there is something magnetic n it -  maybe that content is trying to tell you something -  communicate on some level that is below the surface - and it is up to you to figure it out -  but 

the truth is -  you will go down many rabbit holes - on the w w w  -  and possibly even more in real life -  but the thing is.....  we all need Jesus Christ - 

In the beginning-   was the WORD and the WORD became FLESH and WALKED amongst men.   Time started in the garden -  there Was ISH and ISHA  -   adam and eve -   and the paradise -  we had nothing to corrupt us - except when given the choice - we corrupted ourselves -  we would like to blame it on Adam or especially EVE or maybe even Especially GOD or the DEVIL ?  EVIL  -  but we are the evil -  what I mean is - We all have that evil seed inside of us -  and God is calling us back to home in heaven -  HE left his trace in our material makeup -  and all you have to do is make a choice - and not a matter of if but WHEN you are READY -   just ask this question - OUT LOUD -  GOD IF YOU ARE REAL - SHOW ME (THE WAY HOME TO HEAVEN -  I ACCEPT YOUR SON JESUS CHRIST - I BELIEVE HE DIED FOR MY SINS)......   end of prayer..

Yes I have failed you my friend -  where was I when you decided to inject yourself with snake poison?    where was I when you stopped calling me   where the hell did you go -    where the hell did I go?    I do not know - but I promise you one thing Mister F ..........  We are going to make it back to heaven -   we just got to make it through this hell ! ! ! ! !    s t.   ApolloS


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Narrated By ArtCultX
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