Oct 8 '18


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For you : the truth seeker.... for your peace of mind.   What happened.... why did Alex Jones get banned?  Well you may freely form your own free opinion after careful research and prayers.  but the hook that all the giant conglomerate corporations used to 'get rid of'' infowars from their glorious infallible and utterly uber un-irreplaceable platforms is that he spouted off that the Sandy Hook School shooting was a hoax false flag and that no one was killed and that all the parties were actors...  I remember those shows because I watched Alex for 6 years for information gathering - and I found it strange that he would harp on this particular case and imply it was a false flag or a particle cover up type operation- the evidence for this claim or even partial suspicion of fowl play was centered around a glitchy cnn video - so be it - maybe it was a mocked up video - bad editing - or a satellite feed failure - it did not really matter-  because I think the real false flag was the entire business.... yes  the left- the right - the middle - the entire system is a script - it was time for alex to play his part and say so long world and do something outrageous enough to get negative attention - get banned- and now what happens?  we already see the next act in the play - Now the GIant corporation armed with the ability to ban anyone for any speech- (or just the ones they do not like) - next,.. the left now goes bizerk - The Nazis pay off crazy crowds of dissidents to protest any and every event under the sun - smear the career of any and all the players in the game they (the deep dark and scary state)  are opposed to - and continue down a planned road toward and utterly closed in - closed off- and broken American system.  their own system!  They want to destroy it - so they can re-introduce the next phase of human slavery.  You may guess what that might be -  you can find it in the bible-  only problem with the whole plan is all the actors did not do exactly what they were programmed to do - Alex has his own mind -  interesting (often crazy) but FREE ideas.  and that just doesn't work for the communist agenda-  all these rebels coming out of darkness - discovering that Jesus Christ is real - and that his spirit is suddenly pouring out - and the most unlikely of people are now being saved and rebelling against a system that will destroy itself - US and THEM with it.... a really bad idea that was from the pits of hell.  to control everyone through technological means... but once again - even those in the tech arena are waking up to their planned genocide of the entire human race.  People in Catholicism are stunned and bewildered to discover their religion is responsible for the most horrific crimes against humanity from its very beginning...  and the blood doesn't stop at the rosary... the protestant church also guilty of misleading and abusing the sheep of God.  Greed got their gord- and pride took their hearts - but who is to blame?  We can all look in the mirror now-  because we are all slaves in a system we did not even know existed until recent times....  the good news  THE GREAT NEWS_  Jesus Christ has promised he will return to save his people.... so all the wars ... all the torture... all the killing. and on and on (endless crimes cartel)  will suddenly end (for those who believed and received Jesus in to their heart)  So let Jesus into your heart right now - just ask him - if he is real - he will answer you-   How do you know you are getting the real Jesus?  He said he will NEVER leave us he said HE will NEVER forsake US....  Learn the voice of LOVE ... it is Soft and it is Healing.... Your Savior has been waiting your whole life for this day - when you are reunited with your Creator!  It will be the best thing that ever happened to you!  who cares if they take away your twitter, google, facebook, and whatever else threats they make against you -  because GOD has a plan - WAY BETTER than anything they could have ever have dreamed of or even imagined (or just stolen)    Yes we are all looking forward to Jesus ending all wars - and finishing the great work for his creation... but while you are waiting.... you should live - and love again -  dont try to do it - Just do it - because this is a special time in human existence - that will never exist (in this way) again -  think of creative ways how you can survive and thrive even as a slave (slavery will end soon) 

Ask God for help Every Day.  He can regenerate your mind to understand what he created you to do (be you) and giving your life to him will be a continual and ever growing joy - it will be painful - and sometimes it will feel like you cannot take it any more - but continually stay in the word of God - thanking him for direction for protection and for the amazing life that you are about to have that is now in the hands of your Creator!    


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