Oct 8 '18


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So after sharing all I believe is happening in their (imaginary) world .... why would I still support Alex Jones,,,?    I find it is all great entertainment -  just like the trials on tv - the presidential speeches-  the whole thing is designed and programmed to get us distracted from our actual lives and the people and community around us...   Far out Right?  well... you think about it then...  I am far to sick and tired to explain the history of the world to you right now... but the longest story short.   I apologize for anything I ever said or did to offend you -  I was bullied as a child and I befriended a bully in order to survive...  I am sorry .  I am a changed old man now... I still have my massive flaws,  but I am learning to deal with life a little more every day.  and I hope that you care enough for yourself to wake up to the war going on all around you.., and then take a deep breath,,, and look and see again that there is nothing there...  just a bunch of confused people... a lot of them actually believe they are doing the right thing or even worse that they are more righteous than you are...  and who knows ... maybe they are,..  that is not your problem-  you have to answer to God for your own sins,  you have to repent- you have to change your life,...  okay... i know what you are thinking -  I have tried - I cant  - Fair Enough..  Ask God for the STRENGTH to carry on  Ask God to change you into the person he wants you to be. Ask God to help Alex Jones to hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer, and rage on ,, and hulk out on the dum dums that poisoned your drinking water, considered you nothing more than through away meat puppets, and did everything in their power to help you destroy your natural love for love and life itself.  


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