Aug 20 '18


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#FREESPEECH   I thought it was strange looking back when Alex mentioned the Sand Hook as a false flag -  it seemed the evidence did point to something rotten or twisted .  well the whole thing was ofcourse twisted.  but it really looks like this was just the hot potato thrown in the crazy guys lap - and he ran with it -  because that was the role he was playing.  of course this is all political drama to get 'us'   They all work for the same corrupt organization -  To us freedom includes the rants of a mad man - regardless of his nepharius puproses.  Here is a funny talented guy who took it all a little to far - but it was no farther than anything that was already taken to far.  Hate Speech might as well be the code name for this phase of their operation.  to weed out any voices that do not sound exactly like their crazy brand of communism:: and that is surely what this is : plain and simple : open and shut case as Alex often like to say: and also as Alex liked to say:  I am not bragging but.... God already won this:  He became a man and let his enemies murder him: came back to life  went back to heaven  and now he will return:  If you believe it then you should ask him to forgive you:  do your best every day and read the bible constantly:  it will be the reflecting internal voice when you sail through the dark fog of madness perpetuated by the wizard of 'not so' oz -   it is norad alright::  because Rad has left the building. 


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