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Within the parameters of the role play game -  a player may make a move that is outside the context of the scroll or segment being written.  Such as an unwanted or unwaranted play for personal gain or greed – or a sexual advance.   

In such a case - the opposing player has the right to invoke an angel or deity -  or just a plain old football referee in a white and black striped shirt with the power to delete the move.  

The player who created the anxiety is then penalized. The player who invokes the move in the scene to be erased can then collect Pieces of 9 or is it 8 ?   The error must not have to much value $ 20 or less?   This can be a sharky situation –  but you have to agree on the booty you will accept for the offense.  What if a player is in the game for the wrong reasons and wants to continue creating bad scenes – is just stupid, tacky or wants to use the opposing power of deleting the move? 

After 3 deletes –  or 3 suspecious moves within a page or 5000 letters thus then therefore The Ultimate Deity must intervene.   And determine the players viability or ability to continue the game. 

This may create yet a brand new fear –  and that is the opposite of the ultimate goal of the role play –  and that is to help each player cope with individual fears that may be holding them back from a healthy happy existence in the game or in the real world.

Be mindful of the opposing player –  and work as though YOU ARE the opposing player.   So that you want to create a mind space that is healing and free of cancer, addiction, disease, hostility, hate, abuse, and manipulation.  In fact once you are at peace that both you and the opposing player will eventually lose to the Ultimate Deity…  You may then pair as a team and 

Compete against new role players. 

Can you absorb the opposing players powers?

Ofcourse you can!   But how and why?   And how will you then use those powers?  Are you going to be any better than the player that lost the powers –  Or are you going to be the player that CHANGES THE GAME ! ? @ # $ % 





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