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QUESTION:  I want to role play -  but the opposing player says I am anti social:  I dont think they realize my history in real life -  that I chose not to engage with people in the real world -  for well.... JUST REASONS !< 

What the heaven should i do? 

ANSWER: When the opposing player is pretending they are not in the game.  It is best to be patient and go ahead and begin round zero ::   since neither player has a clue what role they are really playing :   it is best to go ahead and start suggesting a role for the opposite player  Remember above all things you want to make the game fun - a learning - freeing experience that allows the opponent to face their fears - phobias - and deep emotional and psychological pains - toward healing emotional scares - past mistakes - regrets - bad habits - are you really going to pin them down?  You really want to elevate the opposing players character - Remember the opposing player is actually YOU trapped in a warped dimension and that both you and the opposing player will both lose to the Ultimate Supreme Deity    Think up 5 to 10 characters you imagine the player is emoting to be :  have they given you any clues in real life?   For instance::  What did you want to be when you were a kid?  Fireman, Indian, Cowboy, Astronaut, Police Person, Pirate, Private Investigator, Bomb Squad, Doctor, Nurse, Nun, Animal Wrangler, President, Royalty, Mythical Creature...  or maybe someone from a different era or time period or maybe even an actual time traveler !   

Or maybe you want to do the total opposite of what character you think they want to be and suggest a character you think they should be (5/5) but also leave plenty of room to get the opposing player thinking on what it is you are thinking in terms of creating the scene in the game / story line.   Maybe they think the whole idea sucks.   So offer a compromise, keep negotiating,   

You may only want to play 10 pages and call it quits to see what you have learned (hopefully something)  and again:  You are only playing the role game for FUN.  to learn, and grow.  and how will advance the game?  will you offer each other art cherry tokens for each level or achievement -   maybe the whole idea is to define what success even mean to each individual - and redefining it together !    but hey -  free stuff and money prizes can always motivate the timid. 


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